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Kat Henry Tells Us Why She Loves Yours Active


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We asked plus size fashion blogger and fitness instructor, Kat Henry, why she loves Yours Active. Here’s what she had to say:

When it comes to plus size active wear I think that the fashion industry has a lot to learn, but I also think that as plus size folk, so do we.  I often hear women saying things like “I would need something to cover my tum or my bum” or “I am conscious of my arms or thighs – so nothing too clingy”, yet there are also women who crave fitness wear that is more figure hugging and some who are happy to bear it all in crops and shorts.  It’s not easy to find fitness gear that ticks every box for everyone, but I do love the fact that more brands are recognising that there is a need for on trend work-out gear which is durable, functional and looks as cool as the outfits available for our straight size friends.

Yours Clothing have always had a range of simple work out basics; joggers, yoga style pants, vest tops and hoodies, but this summer they have upped their style game by adding a few pieces to their athleisure range with a snazzy new name ‘Yours Active which I just had to try out!

The range is fresh and funky and even though there are only a few pieces available right now there seems to be something for everyone.  I am so happy that the range is available up to a size 30 is awesome making active wear accessible for more of us.

I tried out the crop vest, long leggings and the ‘Squat You Lookin’ At’ tee, I ordered all of the items in a size 20.

Each item is really comfy to wear – I have practically lived in the leggings since they arrived. What I love most about active wear is you don’t even have to actually be active in it – it’s perfect for lounging in too!

The vest top is quite long in the body so for my taller ladies, the length on this will not be an issue, same with the leggings, there was some slack around the ankle (I’m 5ft4” so the slack will probably give another inch or two plus they are stretchy so maybe even a couple more) The back of the vest has a cut out panel which if you were to wear it with the crop you can see the coral elastic panels of the crop through the cut-out – snazzy!!

The marble effect trim with coral piping is really eye-catching, brightening up these simple yet functional items.  I’m living for the little mesh panel on the bottom of each leg (love a spot of mesh, me :-P)

The crop doesn’t have any built-in support, it’s a simple crop top but that’s not a problem in my world. I always wear a good supportive sports bra and usually whack a crop over that when working out.  I like to have layers to strip off as I get hotter!  I would usually then throw a loose fitting top over both, something like the “Squat You Looking At” tee.

This top is really oversized and that is perfect for a throw over when working out.  Sometimes, I’ll grab a hair tie and twist the top up at the back or on the side just to add a little something different to it.

I could have sized down in the crop and on the tee but neither were too big to wear comfortably, so if you like it slightly looser stick with your normal dress size.

I honestly think that part of the reason why women don’t feel compelled to work out in public is because we cannot find active wear that fits well yet is comfortable and stylish. Add that to the fact that we are so often body shamed into feeling inadequate or unwelcome at gyms due to our size, it generally makes being active the last thing on a long list of things to do. Being active doesn’t have to mean turning into a gym bunny, fitness is for everyone and it should be taken completely at our own pace. I love to dance, so I enjoy aerobic dance fitness style classes, but your own level of fitness can be as little or as much as you like and enjoy. Do what makes you feel good, be that swimming or yoga or tennis or martial arts whatever gets those good vibes flowing, even if walking the dog is your passion; just make sure you strut your stuff in Yours Active.

Kat x