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5 Fashion Rules Made To Be Broken


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Tired of sticking to the fashion rules? So.are.we!

Who decided double denim wasn’t a thing and who said you can’t wear trainers with dresses and skirts? It’s time to ditch the rules and wear whatever makes you feel good and look even better. Are you with me? Here’s 5 of our favourite fashion rules that were absolutely breaking.

“You Can’t Wear Denim On Denim”

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How long have we been told that we can’t wear denim on denim? Too long for our liking. It’s time to rip up the rules and embrace the trend we’ve always wanted to wear.

Don’t know where to start with styling double denim? We’ve got it covered. Start by making a clear distraction between the two denim pieces, whether that’s by switching up the colours or opting for a layered jacket with a frayed hem to break the outfit up. Experiment with washes and colours, plus rips and distressed details and find what works for you. And to finish, just slip on a pair of chunky trainers on and you’re good to go. Easy, right?

“Plus size women shouldn’t wear short skirts & dresses”

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Let’s put this one behind us straight away, it’s literally the number 1 rule made to be broken. Fashion is not limited to any age or size, it’s time to ditch the longer length stuff and wear that mini skirt or dress that you love. Do it and embrace it, it’s time to wear what makes you look and feel amazing.

With so many styles available, what will you choose? Don’t forget a pair of cycling shorts to pop underneath and avoid a Monroe moment!

“Don’t Wear Trainers With Dresses Or Skirts”

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Adios to this rule, please!

Can you wear trainers with dresses? Absolutely yes yes yes! We’re a big fan of this look here at Yours Clothing, I mean if you go through our dresses page you’ll see this combo all over! There’s nothing better than a chunky white trainer to make even the most dressy dress casual.

“Black Is A Winter Colour”

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We often think darker colour palettes are purely for autumn/winter, but we think differently. Whilst there are some colour tones that do work better in the cooler season, black isn’t one of them.

“You Can Only Wear Activewear In The Gym”

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Think you can only wear activewear in the gym? Wrong! It’s one of the biggest trends at the minute and we are LOVING it. Super comfy and casual, it’s the perfect go-to outfit whether you’re grabbing coffee with friends or heading out shopping.

We want to hear from you, are there any fashion rules that you love to break? Tell us over on social by using the hashtag #ThisIsYours on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!